One to One Tuition

Supporting and nurturing though stages of development.

Help your child feel comfortable with SATS.

Sensitive care and attention when needed.

THRASS experience over 10 years.


 One to One Tuition

Teach At Home


Children will learn a range of strategies to make their work more meaningful, memorable and easy to recall.
Home Tutor

Extra Study

Children can study in the daytime if not currently attending school or after school and in the holidays. 
Broaden Horizons

Flying High

The natural curiosity of children will be maximised and learning will be forever a joy.

One to One Tuition age 5 to 11 All Subjects - Brighton Based

One to One tuition - what one mum said:

"Sue I must thank you, after two sessions Woo is so keen to read, you've given him courage & belief in himself again" -
Woody's mum.

Children benefit from on to one tuition in many ways.  They thrive on the individual attention. Self esteem is quickly enhanced as they develop into more confident, independent learners. 

I offer a flexible service tailored to individual requirements. The supportive care will meet the individual needs of each and every child.

Lessons can be delivered from my home which is a focused, caring, well resourced environment.  Alternatively, if preferred, I can work with children in their homes.

Some children experience specific learning difficulties.  I am experienced in assessing their needs on an informal and more formal basis and then build, deliver and monitor specialised programmes of work.

Individual Tuition will help children lift their knowledge and understanding to a new level.  This can alter their world view and show them that they have a bright future within it.
Private Tutor